Which Brush For Bronzing Powder?

Feb. 20, 2024

Bronzers are designed to add colour to the skin, giving the effect of a sun-kissed or sun-tanned look to your makeup. Bronzing products can be found in the form of powders, liquids and creams. To use any formula as part of your beauty routine, you will need to select the perfect bronzer brush shape and fibre. Depending on the style of your makeup, you can select from a variety of makeup brushes to apply bronzer.

Dongshen Makeup Brushes come in all shapes and sizes, allowing different product placement and finishing effects. Powder brushes are most commonly used for a bronze look, but avoid a tapered, pointy brush. For the best application go for brushes with a higher surface area like Bronzer brushes with synthetic bristles will pick up slightly more product vs the more traditional natural hairs.


Brush technique is important to get the finish you want. For soft, rounded brushes use a circular motion, for angled brushes use a side to side buffing motion and then for short-denser brushes you will need to up a pressing and sweeping motion. Remember, makeup brushes are cut to do all of the work for you.

For an overall tan

To bronze the whole face, and give an overall glow or tanned effect, a large, fluffy face brush is often recommended. This is because the large surface area and softness of the brush will create a skin-like finish and even application all over the face and body. Powders usually work best for this type of brush. Apply the bronzer to the face in a circular motion, starting under the cheek bone and gently taking the brush around the sides of the face and a touch across the nose and the cheeks. This placement adds dimension to the face and you can slowly build the colour.

For a controlled placement

If you like to use a bronzing product to add contour to the face, you will need to consider how dense the fibres are on the contour brush vs the desired intensity of your contour. When short bristles are packed tightly together in the hair bundle, like with a Kabuki brush, this type of brush will apply a high colour pay-off. You will often see that these brushes are angled, to fit neatly under the cheekbone and provide controlled product placement. These brushes work exceptionally well with cream products and will give you an intense contour.

For a natural look

If you are looking for more natural, tapered contour, select a soft, angled natural or synthetic fiber brush that will allow strategic placement and a buildable product. This brush type will hold less pigment allowing you to gradually build the contour to the desired intensity. This type of brush can also double up for cheek colour or highlighter.


When using liquid bronzer, always pour a small amount onto the back of the hand and dip the bristles into the product. This will help to evenly distribute the liquid over the brush face. This is especially important when working with any liquid product.

Always apply bronzing after foundation and concealer, before setting powder. The beauty of doing this means that no matter which type of bronzer you use, you will not have any issues blending the formula over your foundation. If you prefer a super matte base, avoid using the cream and liquid options, as this will change the texture you are looking for. High density bronzer brushes may also shift your coverage underneath if used too heavy handed.

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