What Is A Straight Razor For?

Aug. 17, 2023

Straight razor shaving is making a comeback. And as with many nearly lost arts, there is a growing desire to understand, perfect, and share this wet shaving ritual. So, if you've been thinking about going "cut-throat", read on to discover the benefits of this age-old practice as well as the history, terminology, and maintenance of a straight razor.

Great for your shave. How can you get the closest experience to a barbershop shave without actually going to a barbershop? With a straight razor, of course! The single, sharp edge of a straight razor allows for maximum contact with the skin, allowing you to get the closest, smoothest shave.

· Great for your skin. Cartridge razors cut your hair under your skin, which is the main cause of ingrown hairs and shave bumps. A straight razor cuts along the surface of your skin, eliminating the skin irritation that you might be experiencing.

· Enjoy the process. Shaving with a straight razor is an enjoyable process. It takes some time to learn the technique, but once you do, it transforms shaving from a chore to an enjoyable event.

· Traditional. Men have been shaving with straight razors for hundred years. Straight razors last multiple lifetimes, and can become a family heirloom. Maintaining your straight razor isn't a chore, it's part of the enjoyment of it all.


· Grind: Describes the shape of the cross section of a straight razor. It takes much more work and skill to get a straight razor to the extra hollow state, and only the most skilled manufacturing shops in the world are able to do it well. The result is a straight razor that is lighter to hold and easier to maintain a sharp edge. The majority of straights that we carry are in the Half Hollow to Extra Hollow Range.

· Height: The height of the blade is the height from the bottom of the Edge to the spine. The two most common straight razor blade heights are 5/8th (most common) and 6/8th. The taller the blade height the heavier the razor can be.

· Scales: It's the scales that make the straight razor. Whether you are just a modern man or an aficionado, the scales on the straight razor is more than just a place the razor resides, it's where the razors personality resides as well. Scales come in a wide variety of materials (natural to man-made), colors, and shapes to please every palate.

· Vintage: Vintage blades are a perfect place to begin if you are looking to begin straight shaving with a straight razor. We offer lightly restored and honed razors for a great value. Shaving with a vintage piece of Americana also goes hand in hand with the tradition of straight razor shaving. 

Straight Razor Blade Material 

Most straight razors are generally made of two types of steel: carbon steel and stainless steel. While scales can be made for a wide variety of materials from natural to man-made and every color of the rainbow.

· Carbon Steel is a softer metal. The softer steel helps the straight take its shape. They are easier to hone and require less stropping to get to a shave-ready edge. It is important to make sure that the razor is dry when not being used, so that it does not rust. Carbon steel are what the majority of straight razors are made from. We recommend starting with a Carbon Steel straight razor.

· Stainless Steel is a harder metal. It takes a little longer to hone and may require extra laps on the strop. Stainless Steel razors tend to hold their edges longer than carbon steel. Rusting is less of a concern with Stainless Steel straight razors, so these are great for someone in a more humid area.

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