What Is A Makeup Sponge Used For?

Sep. 06, 2023

What is a Makeup Sponge Used For?

Once you master the art of using a makeup sponge, there's no limit to how well you can blend your liquid and cream-based products. Here's how we love to use makeup sponges to create flawless finishes like professional makeup artists.


Use your makeup sponge to effortlessly apply foundation to all areas of your face and jawline. Once you've applied your moisturizer, dampen the sponge and lift a little product from the back of your hand.

Begin applying foundation in upward swipes. Gently bounce the sponge on your skin (don't press) to blend. This will help you avoid streaks and create a smooth textured finish.


Makeup sponges can make you an expert at applying concealer. Using the small end of the makeup sponge, lift the concealer from the back of your hand and gently dab it on areas that need coverage. Whether you need full coverage or lightweight coverage, you can use the makeup sponge.


If you've been looking for the perfect tool for blending, you've found it. Nothing gives you more seamless blending than a makeup sponge. Use the larger, rounded edges for blurring lines and creating the most believable, natural-looking makeup finishes.

Liquid or Cream Products

Makeup sponges work best with liquid or cream products. In fact, if you've been intimidated by cream blush because you're afraid you won't get it right, a makeup sponge makes the application virtually foolproof.

Using your sponge, you can gently press into the cream-based blush and dab the product on your cheeks, blending the edges until you have a smooth, natural-looking flush.


Our sponge is just like you — beautifully versatile. Feel free to use it for powder products, too.

How Often Should a Makeup Sponge Be Cleaned?

You should rinse your dirty sponge after each use. Hold it under the tap and squeeze it until the water runs clear.

Use a mild makeup brush soap, mild natural shampoo, or even a mild natural dish soap to deep clean it once a week, but only one small drop or you'll never be able to get all of the soap out of your sponge.

How Do I Clean a Makeup Sponge?

Cleaning a dirty sponge is easy, and most of the time you really don't need more than water to get it clean. Most sponges will end up with makeup stains, and that's okay. A stain doesn't mean the sponge is actually dirty.

Don't waste your skin cleanser on your makeup sponge. Mild dish soap or a makeup brush cleanser is perfectly fine for cleansing your sponge.

Don't place your sponge in a dishwasher or washing machine, as you can damage the sponge and the lather from the heavier soaps can be impossible to remove.

Are Big or Small Makeup Sponges Better?

Makeup sponges are usually available in a standard size and shaped such that you get the benefit of both a smaller edge for precision and a wider base for blending. If you're comfortable using the sponge, that's the perfect size.

The Bottom Line

Makeup sponges have evolved into sophisticated makeup applicators that can help you shape, contour, and add dimension to your base makeup, concealer, and any other liquid or cream-based products you use.

A good sponge is made of soft material and has a variety of different shapes (a wide base and pointed tip) to help you apply even the most difficult liquid foundations or liquid highlighters with ease.

Rethink the makeup blender and learn the real techniques sponges can help you master. Dongshen is your go-to source for the best blending sponges to use with them.

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