Teach You The Tips of Using Makeup Sponge

Aug. 04, 2023

Some special makeup sponges with relatively high prices and very solid density have always been the magic weapon of makeup artists. Today, I want to introduce the usage of makeup sponge.

Tip 1: Rescue sunscreen and bring heavy and hard-to-use sunscreens back to life!

1. Some sunscreen products, how do you apply them, they are thick, oily, and difficult to push. Don't throw them away with anger. Use a makeup sponge to save them! Method: prepare a clean makeup sponge.

2. Squeeze some sunscreen on the back of your hand, use a cosmetic sponge to get the sunscreen, and then apply the cosmetic sponge to your skin.

3. The makeup sponge absorbs the excess oil of the sunscreen, and the sunscreen becomes super refreshing and easy to spread!

Tip 2: A good helper for oil absorption

1. Have students who used oil-absorbent tissues find that every time after absorbing the oil, the oil secretes faster and more, and the skin is not only oily, but also rough to the touch! This is because the oil-absorbent tissue absorbs the oil and moisture on the skin surface too cleanly, and the skin lacks oil protection, but will secrete a larger amount of sebum to protect itself. Method: Wrap the puff with tissue paper.

2. Then press in this way to absorb excess grease.

3. The advantage of this is that there is a makeup sponge as the base, so when the tissue touches the skin, there will be no traces of fingers like rails, oil absorption will be more even, and makeup will be more even.

Tip 3: Makeup artifact

When taking off makeup for oily skin, remember not to absorb oil first, just take out a clean makeup sponge, use the original sebum of the skin, and push the removed part directly from the inside to the outside!

Tip 4: A good helper for coloring

1. In fact, makeup sponge is not only a foundation, Kevin himself likes cream blush very much, because it is the easiest to create a good complexion that seems to come from the bottom of the skin. The best makeup helper for cream blush is makeup sponge besides brush!

2. Especially for students who are not good at using cream blush, it is recommended that you first dab the cream blush with a makeup sponge, and then dab it on the face, and it is easier to control the range than applying it with your fingers.

Tip 5: Make the liquid foundation more durable ── two-stage liquid foundation makeup method!

1. First apply the liquid foundation with fingertips and pat on the whole face.

2. Dip the remaining liquid foundation with a makeup sponge and lightly pat to strengthen the obvious blemishes.

3. The advantage of applying liquid foundation in this way is that it can save the amount of liquid foundation and avoid the makeup sponge from absorbing the liquid foundation all at once. The cosmetic sponge can absorb the oil that is too late to absorb on the face, and it will not be shiny. Because the makeup sponge absorbs the excess oil on the face, after applying powder or pressed powder to set the makeup, it will not form lumps of powder.

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