Aug. 18, 2023

What is a Pin on a straight razor?

The pin on the straight razor joins the actual blade and scales on the side of the joint, and on the other end of the scales the pin holds the two pieces of scales together. The pin also allows the blade to move on the straight razor, allowing you to find the right position for a great grip while you shave.

What is the Tang on the straight razor?

The tang is the longer and smaller portion of the razor that is between the scales and the actual blade of the razor. The tang is the place where you will grip the straight razor with two or three fingers. The pointer and middle finger will rest on top and your thumb will grip the bottom of the tang.

What is the Tail on the straight razor?

The Tail is the smaller curved portion at the end of the blade. Depending on your preferred grip, your ring finger and pinkie may be placed on the tail to finish the grip.

What are Jimps on a straight razor?

Jimps are thin, parallel notches (textured grip) underneath and above the tang that increase your grip. This will vary by straight razor manufacturers.

What is the Shoulder on a straight razor?

Traveling down and away from the underside of the tang is the shoulder. The shoulder is best described as the conjunction of the blade to the tang. With some custom razors, the shoulder is left out, and the underside of the tang smoothly melds into the heel.

Where is the Edge on a straight razor?

The Edge is the part of the razor that actually does the cutting on the straight razor. It’s the part that is hidden when the straight is closed.

Where is the Point on a straight razor?

The point is located on the top of the straight razor where it comes to an end. These can have different shapes depending on the point that the manufacturer wants. Some of the different points that are still commonly in use today are French Point and Barber’s notch.

What is the Spine of a straight razor?

The spine is directly opposite the edge. This is the portion of the razor that you will “lead” with when stropping, as the edge will undoubtedly gouge the leather if the opposite is done.

What is the face on a straight razor?

The face is the widest part in all of the straight razor. This portion is what normally is ground off to make the different shapes of a straight razor. Some manufacturers will place their logo or an ornate pattern.

What are Scales on straight razor?

Scales on a straight razor is the protective sliver/sleeve where the edge of the straight razor resides when closed. The materials can vary widely including a variety of shapes,  designs, weights, and price points. Scales can be made of wood, bone, horn, acrylic, or various other materials like resin.

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