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Nov. 30, 2023

Just as a certain type of makeup will give you a particular look, the tools you use in the application process can also control how your makeup turns out. While a regular day-to-day eye can be achieved with one simple fluffy brush (or even just your hands,) more glamorous evening looks may require a bit more precision or technical ability.

At Dongshen, we have all your bases covered; from day to evening, we offer a smart selection of eye makeup brushes designed to get you where you need to be, with minimal fuss or effort. Read on to learn all about eyeshadow brushes, their application uses, and how to pick the right ones for your cosmetics bag.

What Are the Types of Eye Makeup Brushes?

Like standard face brushes (think bronzer brushes, makeup sponges, etc.), there are multiple types of eye shadow brushes that you’ll find in a typical eye brush set. The typical brushes used for eye shadow application and styling include:

· Eye blender brushes for defining and blending eyeshadow

· Angled brushes for quick sweeps of color

· Under-eye concealer brushes for applying product around your eyelash area

· Eyebrow brushes for defining the shape of your brows

Most of the makeup tools used for eye makeup application are made with cruelty-free synthetic bristles. That means that when you add these to your brush collection, you can feel confident that they’re kind to the planet.

Larger Fluffy Eyeliner Brushes

A general rule of thumb for all steps of your makeup routine is that the size and density of your brush will determine how pigmented your color will be. Very compact, densely packed brushes are great for concentrating product and creating dynamic shimmery looks with a highlighter — if you’re skilled enough not to smudge.

On the other hand, larger and fluffier brushes will give you a more tame wash of color and are great for all-over applications. An example of one of these would be the type of smudge brush that you use to get a smoky eye look. Just like a big fluffy brush is a great way to sweep setting powder across your whole face, a fluffier eyeshadow brush is a great way to get an easy wash of color across your whole lid and up into your crease.

When applying color to your lid or into your crease, we suggest swirling an eyeshadow brush like this around in your eyeshadow tray, tapping off any excess, and gently sweeping the color across your lid, crease, or up toward your brow bone.

Wet or Dry Brush Application

Makeup brushes are made from either natural or synthetic fibers. While synthetic fibers are man-made, natural brushes are made of animal hairs. This means the two types of brushes are meant for the application of different types of products.

Think about the hair on your head. What happens whenever it gets wet? It absorbs and holds onto the water until you either blow it dry or it naturally dries on its own. For the same reason, it’s best to use natural brushes for powder products only.

Natural brushes will absorb liquid or cream cosmetics, leading to an uneven application with the product not fully blending out into your skin. Synthetic brushes are best for liquid and cream since they are often coated and sealed to prevent anything from being absorbed.

In a Pinch? Pinch Your Brush

Are you in a bit of a pinch and only have one brush on hand? Try pinching your brush. Pinching the bottom of your brush is a great way to fan out the bristles without causing any damage to your brush.

It's an easy way to get a little more precision from a regular blending brush and add just another type of tool to your makeup bag. On the other hand, you could also try pinching a fluffy brush together to create a more dense alternative, great for getting that eyeshadow as eyeliner look.

An Easy Way To Clean in Between Uses

Our Dry Brush Cleaner is one of the more ingenious creations offered at Dongshen. Nothing can ruin a makeup look faster than accidentally adding too much of a darker shade onto your eyelid as a result of leftover pigment on your brush. But who has time to wash their brushes while applying makeup?

Trying to wipe the excess product from your brush onto a paper towel or square of toilet paper is usually a fruitless effort and can even bury the pigment deeper into your brush. In addition, being too rough on your makeup brushes can also cause the bristles to break and lose their shape, cutting their life short.

Made up of dry, sponge-like material, the webs of our dry brush cleaner easily get in between every individual hair of your makeup brushes to remove excess pigment, without causing damage to the bristles. Using light pressure, sweep the brush back and forth and in circular motions across the surface of the Dry Brush Cleaner to remove leftover eyeshadow and prepare your brush for the next color in your routine. This is an easy way for a basic daily clean-up in between deeper cleanings.

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