How To Use A Kabuki Brush?

Sep. 11, 2023

Say hello to your new makeup staple: A contoured kabuki brush. This nifty tool is traditionally used for loose powders - but it can do so much more!

Thanks to its fluffy and flat design, it's great for applying everything from foundation to bronzer and blush.

Our beauty experts share three effective ways to use the Contoured Kabuki Brush and advice for how to keep yours in tip-top condition.

1. Apply Loose Powders

When most people pick up a kabuki brush, they think of powder products - like foundations and setting powders. And they're right! Kabuki brushes are amazing for applying these products.

Here's How To Do It:

· Tap a small amount of From the Earth Loose Mineral Powder into the lid.

· Swirl your brush in the product, making sure the powder is distributed evenly. This is the key to a flawless finish!

· Work the product into your face using circular motions. One of the best things about this technique is that it’s buildable, so you can add more coverage where you need it. Avoid dabbing or buffing as this can cause streaks. 

2. Apply Liquid Makeup

Yes, really! Your contoured kabuki brush is perfect for applying liquid makeup products, like foundations and BB creams. The result? An airbrushed, flawless finish. 

To Try Your Hand At Using A Kabuki Brush For Foundation, Follow These Steps:

· Squeeze a coin-sized amount of the foundation or BB cream onto the back of your hand. This helps to warm up the makeup.

· Dip your kabuki brush into the product and then dab it on to your cheeks, forehead, nose and chin. 

· Get ready to blend! With your brush, use wide, circular motions to buff the makeup into your skin. The coverage should be even and streak-free. Plus, once you get the hang of it, you'll find this is much faster than using a traditional foundation brush. 

3. Add A Pop Of Colour

Now that you've aced your base, it's time to add some warmth and colour to your complexion. Your tapered kabuki brush can be used with blush and bronzer - it really is the ultimate makeup multi-tasker!

Follow These Easy Steps:

· For a rosy finish, press one side of your contoured kabuki brush into the Pomegranate Crush Blush. Tap the brush on your hand to release any excess product and then gently dab the blush on the apples of your cheeks. (Not sure where those 'apples' are? Smile and apply the product on those two plump areas that appear!)

· To liven up your complexion and add a little contour, press the other side of your brush into the bronzer. Pat it on your hand and then swipe the bronzer on the hollows of your cheekbones, temples and jawline. 

How To Clean A Kabuki Brush

To maintain your kabuki brush, it's important to rinse out any makeup build-up and bacteria. Aim to clean your brush every one to two weeks. 

It Only Takes A Few Minutes:

· Turn the brush upside down and wash it under lukewarm (not hot) water. The reason why we keep it upside down so the water doesn't run into the inside of the brush - and ruin it. 

· Lather up with your favourite brush shampoo. If you don't have one, a gentle shampoo or soap will do the trick!

Rinse your brush and lay it flat to dry on a towel. You can also leave it hanging slightly over a bench.

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