How to Use a Highlighter Brush

Feb. 18, 2024

Is your makeup bag overflowing with brushes that you don't know how to use? Whether you're decluttering or shopping for useful makeup brushes, learn what to look for in the perfect highlighter brush. With the right tools you can easily add a natural glow to your cheekbones, brow bones, or anywhere else you'd like to emphasize.

Highlighter Brush Choices

Reach for a fan brush to highlight your cheekbones and forehead. This might be the most popular brush to use for highlighter since it has wide, soft bristles. You can press the tips of the bristles onto your skin to apply a very light dusting of highlighter or press down firmly so the center of the bristles deposits more powder.

· With a little practice, you can use the very end of the bristles to apply a thin line of powder down your nose.

Choose a tapered brush to apply and blend the highlighter. A brush with bristles that taper into a point medium-sized powder brush is great for controlling how much highlighter you apply. Brush the point gently to spread just a little highlighter or press firmly to deposit a heavier layer. Then, swipe the base of the brush back and forth to blend the highlighter onto your skin.

· Try using the tapered brush to apply highlighter near your temples or other narrow parts of your face.

Use an eyeshadow brush to apply a concentrated amount of highlighter. If you really want to emphasize a certain facial feature, apply a bright highlight near it. Highlighter really plays up your eyes and mouth, for instance. Instead of using a brush with wide, loose bristles, pick an eyeshadow brush since its short, dense bristles deposit more powder in a small area.

· Use a clean eyeshadow brush so you don't accidentally apply old eyeshadow where you don't want it or keep an extra eyeshadow brush just to use with highlighter.

Grab an oval makeup brush if you like to work with cream highlighter. If you enjoy the dewy glow you get with cream highlighter, skip long highlighter brushes, which can become clogged. Instead, dab a dense oval brush into your product and spread it on the area you want to highlight. Then, rub the brush back and forth to buff the product to a natural glow.

· Keep your oval makeup brush in great shape by washing it regularly with soapy water.


Put on your usual concealer, foundation, and blush. Highlighter should be the last thing you put on your face so you don't dull or dampen it. Apply concealer, foundation, setting powder, bronzer—anything you want to use in your makeup routine—before you put on highlighter.

Dip a fan brush into highlighter powder and tap off the excess. It's easy to accidentally load too much highlighter onto your powder, so gently sweep the bristles of your fan brush into just once or twice. Then, tap the base of the brush against your wrist to knot out excess powder before you brush the highlighter on your face.

· Remember, it's easier to apply more highlighter if you need to than it is to take off excess powder.

Brush highlighter over your cheekbones and across your forehead with a fan brush. Hold the fan brush diagonally across the top of your cheek. Gently sweep the brush back and forth in a diagonal line across the top of your cheek. Then, reload your fan brush with powder and sweep it straight across your forehead. This illuminates the 2 largest areas of your face.

· Trying to play up a cute, pixie tip nose? Brush highlighter down the bridge of your nose to make your nose look slimmer.

Apply highlighter to your inner eye and eyelid with an eyeshadow brush. Dip an eyeshadow brush into your highlighter and gently tap the bristles onto the corners of your inner eyes. Then, swipe the brush across your brow bone just below the eyebrow and directly across the center of your eyelid. Using highlighter in these areas can create a lifted look and make your eyes appear brighter.

· If you have a light, shimmery eyeshadow, it's totally fine to use that instead of your highlighter powder.

Dab highlighter around your lips with an eyeshadow brush to accentuate your mouth. Make your lips look fuller by applying a spot of highlighter to your cupid's bow, the little hollow just above your upper lip. Just dip an eyeshadow brush into your highlighter and press it above your lip. Then, sweep a little highlighter powder onto your chin with a fluffy, tapered brush.

· Putting the highlighter on your chin makes your lower lip appear fuller.

Skip your T-zone if you usually have oily skin. If you're like most people, your T-zone, the area across your forehead and down your nose to your chin, is oilier than the rest of your face. If your T-zone is noticeably shiny, don't apply highlighter, which could make the area look oilier.

· Need help controlling excess shine? Use a matte formula and brush translucent powder over your T-zone to dampen the shiny area.

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