Eyeliner Brush Guide to Creating Perfect Eyeliner

Dec. 07, 2023

The different kinds of eyeliner brushes you use are quite important for creating any eyeliner look, including a snatched winged eye. This post will describe the various eyeliner brush types and how to pick the best one for you.

Benefits of using an eyeliner brush

A brush for eyeliner can help you draw a line that is chain-free and smooth. Precision is impacted by the brush's density.
It helps prevent waste and makes it easier to gather the required product content.
Using an eyeliner brush can help you create the appropriate eyeliner shape.
Additionally, it avoids contamination of eyeliners that have a brush at the top of the tube.

Your total eye makeup will look significantly different depending on the type of eyeliner brush you choose. Likewise, the caliber. The quality of cheap brushes is poor, and some even leave hairs that stick to your eyes. You'll save time and patience by making an investment in quality makeup brushes.

Different types of eyeliner brush

A slender, sparse-tipped brush known as an eyeliner brush is typically used to create fine lines. Except for layering lines on top of other lines, it is useless to fill in or draw thick lines. With this kind of eyeliner brush, one cannot create curved or winged lines.

Angled brush
An angled brush contains packed hair that is slanted and excellent for drawing tight or slanting lines. Your liners will be better shaped with the angled tip. Small-angled, medium-angled, and large-angled brushes are the most common sizes for these brushes. This one is the simplest cat eyeliner brush ever, providing drama with thick lines.

Precision brush
Precision brushes can be used to capture even the smallest details and thin lines. They work fantastically for applying gel or liquid eyeliner.

Flat tip brush
This eye makeup brush is flat and compactly packed, making it easy to hold and draw a line that is exactly straight. It is often used to apply eye shadow in a straight line on the eyelid to achieve softer, more natural-looking eyeliner.

Dome-shaped flat brush
This semi-flat, dome-shaped brush is usually included with gel eyeliners, making it simple for the user to fill the brush with the required substance. The average density of the eye makeup brush makes it simple to draw relatively thick lines and even to fill in the necessary wings and angles.

How to apply eyeliner with a brush

The use of brushes to apply eyeliner might be intimidating. Brushes require a certain application method to guarantee the product applies properly, as opposed to using an eyeliner pencil or an applicator in a liquid eyeliner container. But with this method of application, you may use just a dab of any of those exquisite beauty pots or pans as eyeliner. A wonderful method to increase the variety of makeup looks you can create is by learning how to apply eyeliner correctly with a brush.

Pick your brush and product
The benefit of using a brush to apply eyeliner is that, with the right brush, almost any cosmetic product may be used as eyeliner. You might use a favorite eyeshadow or eyeshadow powder to line your eyes with a softer, smudged look. Smooth and pigmented gels and creams often have a lengthy shelf life. Although dramatic and precise, liquid eyeliner can be challenging to apply.

Dip your brush into the product
Even while you can always add more eyeliner, taking it off might be challenging. In other words, begin with less product and increase gradually rather than the opposite. Make sure your brush has some product on the tip, but don't pack it on. You may easily add more products if you need to.

Begin at your top inner corner
As far inside as you would like your liner to go, line your brush up to the inner corner of your top lash line. Drag or brush the product to your outside corner after that. Your eyeliner can be stopped at the outside corner or extended to create a cat eye or a wing.

Line your bottom lash line
Bottom eyeliner can be a little difficult since if applied poorly, it can make your eyes appear quite severe and dark. Start from the inside out once more. Contrary to the top eyeliner, you should begin about two-thirds of the way into the eye and skip the inner corner. Lining only the edges of your bottom eye can make them appear larger and more open while lining the entire thing can make them appear quite stern and black.

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