Dongshen Makeup Brush Material Introduction

Jul. 31, 2023

There are 34 types of ordinary makeup brushes in eight categories. No matter what brand or material you look at, their brush types are inseparable from the brush type classification. In contrast, the more tangled question is how to choose the material of the makeup brush? After all, this is the core that determines the quality of a makeup brush.

In terms of appearance, cosmetic brushes are divided into three parts: bristles, brush ferrules, and brush handles. The different materials of these three parts achieve different effects and textures when used.

1. Makeup Brush Bristle

It must be this part that everyone is interested and concerned about. It also directly determines the sense of use and price positioning of a makeup brush. The bristles of cosmetic brushes can be roughly divided into animal hair and synthetic hair. Animal hair is divided into several types.

Goat hair is a universal bristles, and its internal subdivision is also jaw-dropping (up to 21 species). The common feature of this kind of bristles is soft texture, good elasticity, and usually has a slight fleece smell when wet, which is a durable material.

Pony hair has good softness, but its elasticity is a little bit worse. The grade classification is obvious. Natural horsehair is relatively ordinary; washed horsehair is softer and belongs to hair.

Mink and yellow wolf hair can be regarded as comparable hairs, soft and elastic, and extremely comfortable to use. Little expensive, but not expensive.

Squirrel hair should be medium, with five stars of softness, brushed on the face like a spring breeze, and a dragonfly touches the water. Not only is it soft and delicate, it also has a good gloss. It is unforgettable to use. The disadvantage is that the squirrel hair is extremely soft, so the shape of the brush is not very tight, and it is easy to lose shape if used improperly. In addition, the squirrel's hair is smooth and shiny, and hair loss is normal. Despite all the scrutiny, once you have a squirrel, just swipe a few lightly on your face, and the feeling it leaves you will make you instantly forget the shortcomings mentioned above. It's not too much to be called a fantasy class. Of course the price is just as expensive.

Synthetic hair is used as nylon and fiber hair. There are two types of hair peaks, one is sharpened fiber and the other is non-sharpened fiber. Synthetic hair is relatively cheap due to its harder texture and is mostly used for foundation brushes and low-end brushes.

2. Makeup Brush the Ferrule

The second part of the makeup brush is the mouth ferrule part, that is, the metal part on the brush. The mouth ferrule is generally made of copper or aluminum. The material of the copper ferrule is harder than the aluminum ferrule, and it holds the brush head better. The electroplated color is also more beautiful than the aluminum ferrule, and the gloss difference is obvious. But the cost of copper pipes is several times that of aluminum pipes.

The mouth ferrule is also a part of the price of the brush, which is often easy to overlook when we buy. Nowadays, some businesses blow their brushes into the sky, creating various concepts such as nano-fiber hair to confuse their eyes and increase their value. If the nozzle is relatively inferior aluminum, the gloss is dull and hard, and it is soft enough to leave a mark with a light touch, please buy with caution.

3. Makeup Brush the Handle

The part of the brush handle is the part that affects the overall appearance of the makeup brush. Some buyers often buy a complete set of brushes of the same type because the shape and color of the brush handles are attractive enough, but the consequence of blind purchase is idleness. The common material of brush handle is wooden handle. Wooden handle can be divided into taper handle and equal diameter wooden handle from the shape. From the material, they are divided into mahogany handle, ebony handle, sandalwood handle, oak handle, lotus handle, and logs. handles, birch handles, rubber wood, etc.; there are also some cosmetic brushes that use acrylic, plastic, and resin brush handles.

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